Goya exposición inmersiva #INGOYA
#INGOYA, experiencia inmersiva


#INGOYA, experiencia inmersiva
Goya exposición #INGOYA

The experience

The experience begins in the DIDACTIC ROOM, where the essential keys to getting to know the figure of the artist and understanding his painting from various points of view are presented:

  1. – Goya’s life and work and historical context.
  2. – Goya, universal artist.
  3. – Goya at the service of the Court.
  4. – Censorship of human vices.
  5. – Goya and violence.
  6. – Goya and women.
  7. – Details of some of the works included in #INGOYA.


Next, the Didactic Room is transformed into the EMOTIONAL ROOM. Goya’s best works are shown enveloping the visitor and introducing him fully into the scenes he painted: tapestry cartoons, portraits, power, the people, war, bullfighting, black paintings, the end of his days… The public can see classic works such as The Family of Carlos IV, The Naked Maja, The 3rd of May in Madrid or The executions, among many others, as never before. Enlarged fragments in which the texture of the brushstrokes, the small aspects that go unnoticed, the expressions and movements of the characters and the stories that underlie each work can be appreciated.

This immersive experience is accentuated by synchronisation with an exquisite selection of musical pieces by classical composers such as Falla, Albéniz, Granados, Boccherini and others.

At the end, visitors can access the SHOP, which offers an extensive bibliography on Goya, as well as a varied collection of objects related to the painter’s work.

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