Goya exposición inmersiva #INGOYA
#INGOYA, experiencia inmersiva

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Fernán Gómez Centro Cultural de la Villa

October 5th, 2021- January 16th, 2022

#INGOYA, experiencia inmersiva
#INGOYA, experiencia inmersiva

Before the visit

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#INGOYA, experiencia inmersiva
Goya exposición #INGOYA

During the visit

The experience lasts about one hour. It consists of three parts:


We have selected and arranged Goya’s work and we present it in a simple way to help you to comprehend his universe. And we have done it with the help of some of the best experts on the painter and his work.


The real heart of the exhibit. An astonishing space surrounded by large screens where, with multiple projectors and a moving soundtrack with the best pieces of music from the period, you will relish in an indescribable experience for all the senses.


Where you can purchase exclusive items and take a souvenir home with you.

#INGOYA, experiencia inmersiva
#INGOYA, experiencia inmersiva

After the visit

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